Fleet Fueling Services

Quality Petroleum cardlock Service will help you realize an increase in fleet efficiency, productivity and bottom line profits by eliminating non-productive labor and equipment operating time.

Quality Petroleum provides commercial fleet fueling services for business and governmental fleets nationwide. Quality Petroleum is an independent franchise of the Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling network. We are excited to now offer a universal card through the Pacific Pride. Pride Complete is the ultimate fleet fuel card allowing your company universal acceptance to all Pacific Pride cardlock and retail locations. Please contact Quality Petroleum today to receive more information.


To assist you in your record keeping and cost analysis Quality Petroleum will provide you with an easy to read receipt each time you refuel your fleet.


Energy Management Solutions

As the local and world fuel markets have changed, so have Quality Petroleum products and services. Quality Petroleum offers much more than fuel or lubricants, we offer energy management solutions.

Whether you have a fleet of 4 vehicles or a multi-million transportation budget, your fuel and lubricant costs are expensive and inconsistent.

Looking to start saving money on fuel at the pump? Apply for a Quality Petroleum Fuel Card today! With cardlock stations located around Central Florida and Alabama being more efficient couldn’t be easier or smarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will You Save Me Money?

Time is money.
We will save your drivers time when buying fuel. When your drivers spend less time buying fuel, you are spending less money paying your drivers to buy fuel. On average, we will save your drivers about 15 minutes per fill up compared to a retail fueling location. Multiply your driver’s hourly wage with the number of fill ups per month with the number of trucks, and you will see the savings. The less time your drivers spend fueling, the more time they spend on the job for you, which increases productivity, which increases your profit margin.

Control is money.
Our cards are only capable of buying fuel. This eliminates any unauthorized purchases made at a retail location (i.e. soft drinks, cigarettes, etc.) charged off as fuel. You will have better control of your fuel consumption with a Q-Petro Card.

How Much Does the service Cost?

There are no fees to using our PetroCard at our sites, or in setting up the account. The only cost that you have is the cost of fuel itself.

Why Do I See Gas On the Street Cheaper Than You Are Selling It?

We try our best to stay competitive with all the local gas stations. Unfortunately for us, sometimes they can offer lower prices and make up the difference in margin with other purchases you make, such as cigarettes and food. Our stations are designed for large trucks and have the benefit of you not having to deal with the large amounts of traffic that other stations have, making up for those low gas prices. You are saving money on time, such as paying your driver not to wait. Our gas prices might be 2 or 3 cents higher than you would see on the street, but if you factor in the discount that we offer for prompt payment I think you would see that our prices are generally the same or lower than the competition.

Are the Cards Secure?

We have several different security features on our PetroCards. First, the cards can be designated with time and fuel restraints so that they cannot be abused off-business hours or beyond the necessary amount of fuel. Second, our combination of personal cards for each driver and the four-digit security code gives you more security than a standard credit card. Finally, our cards can be cancelled within seconds of calling us, so if a card is stolen or an employee is no longer with the company you will not have to worry about any stolen product.

Do You Offer Discounts On Fuel?

Yes. The discounts vary upon timely payment and volume but are based on a nickel off per gallon if paid before the next billing cycle. To learn more about the discount program, please contact us.

How Do I Know How Much Fuel I Bought?

Detailed invoices are sent to you twice a month. The invoices are broken down by vehicle and include: date, time, location, product, quantity, price per gallon, and total purchase..

What If My Fuel Cards Are Lost or Stolen?

Please let us know immediately. We will then block these cards out in the computer so there are no unauthorized purchases. New cards will be made that day, and will be in your hands the same or next business day.

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