Bulk Fuel Delivery

Quality Petroleum Services will design and provide you with a fuel storage and dispensing solution based on your needs. Our loan tanks range from 500 gallons to 10,000 gallons and are available with 12 volt, 110 volt, and gasoline powered fuel pumps. We also sell and support CardLock fuel dispensing systems with advanced fuel tracking and reporting features.

Vehicles and Equipment Will Always Have Fuel - Guaranteed.

We maintain a fleet of fuel trucks. We are geared for plant and job site deliveries either on a “Keep Full” basis or on demand.

  • We deliver and set-up our own fuel storage tanks on your job-site.
  • We take care of the maintenance and testing of our fuel storage tanks.

Why Choose Quality Petroleum

Trust and Reliability

These are the qualities we strive to offer in all areas of our business. Quality Petroleum customers can trust that they are getting a great deal from us every time we do business.

Customers Benefits

Wide Variety of Petroleum Products

• Fuel Delivery
• Commercial Fuel Delivery
• Commercial Fuel Storage Tanks
• Wholesale Fuel Purc


We have over 50 years of experience in the petroleum industry. Our track record for outstanding service speaks for itself.


We understand that time is valuable. Quality Petroleum customers can expect that we will always serve you in the timeliest manner possible to cater to your schedule.

Let our team manage your inventory so you never run our of product. We can set up regularly scheduled deliveries based off your usage to ensure you always have the product you need to keep your business moving.

We keep storage tanks ready to deliver on our yard so your team in the field does not have to wait. Our team can dispatch 275, 500, and 1,000 gallon tanks the same or next day and can quickly deploy sizes from 2,000 – 12,000. Unlike most fuels companies, Quality Petroleum offers our customers the use of our tanks free of charge with a loaned equipment agreement.

Our team has decades of experience in portable and stationary generator fueling. We are the back end to your up-time and only deliver 100% diesel without the addition of any bio-blends that promote generator failure over time.